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Dannie's Bio

  Hello and thank you for coming to learn about me. This is my origin story. Welcome to my life.

  I have been story telling from the time I could speak. I began to draw out my stories as soon as I could hold a crayon. But I was unable to write them out. At a young age I had to fight dyslexia on my own because it went undiagnosed till I was in 11th grade. I used my wit to fool those who may have helped me earlier, if I just told them the truth. I was however, outwitted by a privet tutor, my mother bartered with to help me. Diane Wall was so much more then a tutor. She was an inspiration. She found I had dyslexia and taught me how to work with it. She opened the possibility of collage and I fell deep into writing and art. 

  I loved telling the stories that were trapped inside me for so long and I found poetry let my passion flow out. I longed for more still, like a sponge finally in water, I soaked up all the writing skills I could gather. I was still limited by my lack of spelling and grammar skills, that had been left behind the whole time I was unable to learn them growing up. Writing at an adult level was beyond my skills at the time but, I told my tales through children's stories and through sharing them verbally with my friends.  My friends would ask me to tell them stories and I told them happily. I dreamt of writing a novel or a series of books. I just wasn't their yet.

  College didn't happen for me right out of high school do to money issues so I went right to work. I had many jobs EMT, retail, cosmetologist, artist, reiki master and more. I couldn't find anything to fill me with joy for long. 

  The universe has a way of directing you to where you are truly meant to be. Not always in a nice way. In 2009 I was in a car accident that left me partially paralyzed from the waist down. The prognosis of needing to use crutches to walk forever. I wouldn't accept that and fought my way back to walking. It took it's toll still but, I am back on my feet.

   I worked my way into a ticket to work program through Social Security. Finally I got to go to college. DVR services put me in SUNY Orange Community College for Visual Communications since I had a background in art. I minored in Digital Photography. While there I learned about new technology that could help me read and write, with the help of my counselor Melissa in TRIO. I not only graduated from there with my Associates but I graduated with a 3.9 gpa. I was loving my English class so much that after graduation I started a poetry group on Facebook with my English Professor Kristen. 

   One class I took there was Digital Story Telling and it was a bit of an awakening. I wrote my first ever script. It was short and honestly not to industry standard formatting but it was alive. I wrote something that was brought to life by being made into a short film. I wanted more, much more!

    Ramapo College of NJ was to be the place I developed my future. I was a Contract Major focusing on Script Writing, Directing and Producing Film. I loved every second of my classes. My favorite was Writing the Script  with Professor Weinstock. He made a script writer out of a woman who came in with big dreams and very little else. His ability to explain to me what to do to adapt, with my dyslexia, was helpful and his respect for my work ethic didn't go unnoticed.  I wrote the first 56 pages of BEAR RIVER for his class. I never knew I had the ability to write such a long script. Going on a high of pure joy, I kept writing well past the requirements of the class. I finished a full-length film script before I knew it. I was started and 18 pages into my next script THE HOUSE the same time I was on the last pages of BEAR RIVER.

  It was like everything I have ever done in my life was pouring out of me. Every person I met or job I had was mined for the scripts. I could see the universe's master plan. It all led me here and to whatever comes next. To even you reading this page.  

I am exactly where I was meant to be.

I am a script writer and I love what I do because every day I am living in my joy.

Thank you for the time to share this journey with me.


Get in Touch

I am available to work remotely on scripts and am looking for an agent. Also feel free to drop me a line and let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing from you.

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